November 5, 1997 FIE Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

FIE Steering Committee Meeting - Minutes
November 5, 1997
Pittsburgh, PA

The meeting was called to order by the Steering Committee Chair, Bob Herrick.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved with minor revision.

There was no report on FIE 96 as Magdy Iskander was unable to attend the meeting. Bob Herrick noted that no final report had been received.

Larry Shuman and Cindy Atman presented preregistration information on FIE 97 (copy attached). There were 546 preregistrants. A lengthy discussion followed. The co-chairs indicated that the IEEE Computer Society had been doing an excellent job. An effort is being made to collect more information about conference attendees to help in future facilities negotiations. The cost of audio-visual equipment is still an issue. An initial bid from the hotel was $20,000. The FIE 97 committee was able to bring in A-V equipment from other sources to minimize this cost.

Dan Budny gave a report on the proceedings publication. There were lots of authors whose submissions did not follow the correct format. This created a lot of extra work for Dan and his staff. He also noted that authors did not adhere to deadlines. The printed proceedings cost about $75 to produce, but the IEEE bulk purchase covered most of the costs. Overall, the conference should not lose money on the paper proceedings.

Tim Skvarenina indicated that there were 15 exhibitors for the conference with a total of 28 booths (including corporate sponsors). He emphasized the need to start early and to use personal contacts in finding local exhibitors/sponsors.

Don Evans reported on FIE 98. The call for papers is being distributed with a January 9, 1998 deadline for abstracts. Three types of papers are planned: a) full papers published in the proceedings; b) work-in-progress papers; and c) workshops. A discussion of appropriate charges for the conference and for paper publication followed.

G. Engel moved that there be no separate charge for paper publication and that all registration fees be revised by $40. See attached schedule. The motion was seconded and approved 8-0 by a show of hands.

G. Engel moved that a page limit of six pages be in effect for the paper proceedings. Motion was seconded by D. Kerns. Motion passed unanimously on a voice vote.

Dan Budny indicated that a hotel had been secured by the IEEE Computer Society for FIE 99 in San Juan, PR. He is contemplating a modified schedule to facilitate attendees touring industrial and other sites. A college fair is also being planned, tentatively for Friday evening.

Jim Roberts reported that the possibility of having FIE 2000 on the University of Kansas campus was being considered. Several people indicated support of that idea. He would also like to use a combination of local people and IEEE Computer Society people for facilities negotiations and conference administration.

Ted Batchman gave tentative FIE 2001 dates as November 1-3 or November 8-10, 2001. He is planning tours of local industry and tourist sites.

Trond Clausen made a presentation on the possibility of having an engineering education conference in Oslo, Norway. He indicated that a summer conference would be most appropriate. Discussion indicated support for the concept, but that such a conference should not replace a Fall FIE. D. Soldan moved that a committee be appointed by the FIE sponsoring societies to develop specific proposals on how FIE can support the globalization of engineering education and cooperate within the global community. The committee is to report to the Steering Committee at the June 1998 meeting. Motion seconded by G. Engel and unanimously passed on a voice vote.

Chairman Bob Herrick presented a proposed organizational chart for FIE. He and Dave Soldan discussed the development of a conference manual for use by program committees. Input was solicited for the further development of these documents.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 pm. For more information on FIE see:

Respectfully submitted,

David L. Soldan

Attendee List

Name E-mail
Robert (Bob) Herrick, Chair
James S. Demetry
Karl A. Smith
Stephen B. Seidman
David L. Soldan
Gerald L. Engel
David V. Kerns, Jr.
James A. Roberts
Michael J. Pavelich mpavelic@slate.Mines.EDU
Victor K. Schutz
Timothy L. Skvarenina
Larry J. Shuman
Cynthia J. Atman
Alisha A. Waller
Burks Oakley II
Don Evans
Daniel Moore
Dan Budny
Larry G. Richards
Ramon Vasquez
Ted E. Batchman
David R. Voltmer
Mark A. Yoder
Jose L. Zayas-Castro
Luiz C. Scavarla
Luiz Valcov Loureiro
Marius F. Giorgetti
Annelise Cole
Trond Clausen

1998 Frontiers in Education Conference

Schedule of Registration Fees

Members Non-members Student and Retired Faculty
Early $295 $380 $140
Advance 335 430 170
Conference 375 480 200

1997 Frontiers in Education Conference
Teaching and Learning in an Era of Change

Steering Committee Meeting
November 5, 1997
Cindy Atman
Larry Shuman

Registration Information as of November 3, 1997:

Members: 386
Nonmembers: 66
Students: 43
Life Members: 9
Retired Faculty: 3
Pitt One-Day: 11
Committee: 9
REU Participants: 5
Project Showcase: 9
Project Showcase Students: 2
Complimentary: 3
Total: 546
Individual Meal Events:

436 - Thursday night reception.
373 - Friday night Terman Dinner.
371 - breakfast on Thursday.
449 - luncheon on Thursday.
417 - breakfast on Friday.
460 - luncheon on Friday.
398 - breakfast on Saturday.

116 - extra tickets to the Saturday night banquet.
13 - extra copies of the CD-ROM proceedings.
94 - extra copies of the paper version of the proceedings.

The Hilton pickup numbers are as follows:

Saturday, November 1 1
Sunday, November 2 6
Monday, November 3 8
Tuesday, November 4 49
Wednesday, November 5 323
Thursday, November 6 405
Friday, November 7 375
Saturday, November 8 230
Sunday, November 9 1

Single - 77%
Double - 23% or 93 rooms on peak night.

Workshop Registration

Workshop 1 -       37
Workshop 2 -       10
Workshop 3 -       15
Workshop 4 -       13
Workshop 5 -       30
Workshop 6 -       27
Workshop 7 -       22
Workshop 8 -       5
Workshop 9 -       36
Workshop 10 -    12
Workshop 11 -     6
Workshop 12 -    16
Workshop 13 -     5
Workshop 14 -    23


Includes admission to the workshop(s) selected and the selected workshop notes. Workshops are $10.00 each.

Wednesday, November 5, 1997 (Afternoon)

  1. Applications of the Internet in Engineering Education: Silicon and Fiber Replacing Bricks and Mortar - Burks Oakley II
  2. Carnegie Mellon On-Line - Daniel Rehak
Wednesday, November 5, 1997 (Evening)

  1. Creating and Assessing Design Projects - D.E. Calkins
  2. Developing an Environment for Interactive Learning Modules - M. Slattery, A. Sanderson, B. Jennings, T. Krawzyck
  3. Creating Courses On-Line: An Introduction to a Seven Week On-Line Workshop - John R. Bourne and J. Olin Campbell
  4. An Approach to ABET Accreditation: Formative Evaluation and Continuous Improvement - Mary Besterfield-Sacre and Connie Jubo Della-Piana
  5. Portfolios: A Flexible Tool for Outcomes Assessment - Barbara M. Olds
Thursday, November 6, 1997

  1. Project LEA/RN: Enhancement Action/Resources Network - Carol L. Fulton
  2. Problem Base Co-Operative Learning - Karl A. Smith
  3. Teaching the Teachers - Robert J. Herrick
  4. Neural Networks - Amro El-Jaroudi and Alice Smith
  5. VHDL Synthesis with MAX Plus 2 - Morris Chang and Joe Hanson
  6. Mechatronics - Sol Neeman
  7. Curriculum Embedded Evaluation - Larisa M. Naples

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