FIE Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

November 8, 1996
Salt Lake City

The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Bob Herrick.

1.Copies of the By laws as approved by the Steering Committee were distributed. These will be presented to the Joint ASEE ERM/IEEE Education Society Adcom meeting later in the week.

2. Bill Sayle distributed the final report* on FIE 95. The conference had a surplus of $22,936.22 which has been distributed to the sponsoring societies.

3. There was no formal report on FIE 96.

4. Larry Shuman presented the proposed budget* for FIE 97 in Pittsburgh. There was a discussion of the projected attendance, publications, and several other items.

5. Don Evans presented plans* for FIE 98 in Phoenix.

6. Dan Budny presented a proposal* for FIE 99 in San Juan, PR. Discussion centered on the cost to attend the conference and on opportunities to interact with faculty and students of Puerto Rican universities. Marion Hagler moved that the proposal be accepted with the conference date of November 12-14, 1999. Jerry Engel seconded the motion. The vote for acceptance was 8-0.

7. Informal comments on FIE 00 (2000) in Kansas City were given by Dave Soldan based on information provided by Jim Roberts.

8. Dave Soldan gave a report on the Youth Forum in Computer Science and Engineering Taskforce. He will work with program committees that want to integrate YUFORIC into FIE.

9. Bob Herrick announced the start of a project to produce an FIE Conference Planning document. He and Dave Soldan will work with past and future program committees in the development of this document.

10. There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be on Sunday, June 15, 1997 at ASEE in Milwaukee.

*Paper copies were distributed at the meeting. Steering Committee members that need copies should contact

Attendee List

Name Phone E-mail
Bob Herrick* 317-494-7484
Dave Kerns* 615-322-3479
Mark A. Yoder 812-877-8291
Dan Moore 812-877-8110
Dave Voltmer 812-877-8289
Jim Demetry* 508-831-5310
Gerald Engel* 203-322-3466
David L. Soldan* 913-532-5534
Jim Jones 317-494-9614
Larry G. Richards 804-924-3191
Karl Smith 612-625-0305
Mario J. Gonzalez 512-499-4207
Bill Sayle 404-894-4740
Marion Hagler* 806-742-2396
Don Evans 602-965-5350
Ron Hoelzeman 412-624-9676
Steve Seidman* 970-491-5862
Dick Culver* 607-777-2880
Alisha Waller 612-927-6585
Tim Skvarenina 317-494-7493
Burks Oakley 217-333-3077
Cindy Atman 412-624-9836
Dan Budny 317-494-7722
Tony Rodriguez 602-965-3712
*voting member

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