FIE Award Banquets and List of Award Winners

A number of ASEE/ERM and IEEE awards are presented at the FIE conference each year. There are three FIE conference awards:

In addition, ERM presents the ERM Distinguished Service award to an ERM member for their service to the ERM division.

The IEEE awards are presented by both the Education Society and the Computer Society. Each of these societies gives their members the freedom to have any award presented at any conference. Thus, the awards given by IEEE each year are different. Please check the program books posted for the actual awards given each year.

List of Annual FIE Awards

List of the past winners for the three FIE awards, (Dasher, Plants and Schmitz award. These are annaul awards, for a list of the other awards presented each year, please review the program books posted below.

Past Awards Banquet Program Books